Stanford University
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Tiziana Vanorio

  • Associate Professor, Geophysics
  • Associate Professor (By courtesy), Civil and Environmental Engineering
The mechanical and chemical interactions of fluids with earth materials drive many geological as well as engineered processes. My research focuses on studying the geophysical response of geomaterials to chemical reactions under stress, with particular emphasis on the physical and mechanical changes that result from rock-fluid interactions. Since this interaction has been traditionally treated as a purely poroelastic problem, my motivation is to create experiment-based rock physics models of velocity changes detected through time-lapse seismic monitoring. Through laboratory experiments and multi-scale imaging techniques, I study reactive processes under stress to identify changes in physical and mechanical properties of rocks and their response to Earth’s conditions and processes. Specific applications of my research include the geophysical response of reservoirs and geological seals to fluid injection, shales and carbonates to diagenetic processes, and volcanic ash to natural and man-made cementation forming ash beds and ancient materials from pozzolanic activity and geopolymerization
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