Stanford University

Shared analytical facilities

Earth Materials Preparation Lab

Our lab provides guidance, access, and hands on training for rock preparation equipment and mineral separation techniques. Common usages include zircon, quartz, and feldspar separation; powdering samples for geochemical or isotopic analysis; and cutting rocks for thin sections or further analysis.

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Geochronology Cluster

High resolution trace element analysis and measurement in three ways:

SHRIMP-RG Lab: Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe - Reverse Geometry

Noble Gas Lab: Produces data for geochronologic & thermochronologic applications

Fission Track Thermochronolgy Lab: Provides data for reconstructing the time-temperature histories of rock samples in the Earth's upper crust

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Microchemical Analysis Facility

Uses State-of-the-art "SuperProbe" electron microprobe to measure the elemental compositions of solid samples, by detecting the X-rays emitted on excitation by a focused electron beam

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Plasma Laboratory (ICP-MS/TIMS Facility)

Our facility for the analysis of isotopes and trace elements using mass spectrometry

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Environmental Measurements Facility (EMF)

Multiple types of state-of-the-art equipment to test and analyse solid, aqueous and gaseous samples.

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Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab

Provides analytical facilities and technical expertise to determine stable isotope ratios of a variety of organic and inorganic materials from both terrestrial and marine environments.

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