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Spring Quarter Courses

Our virtual courses for Spring quarter

While some classes have been canceled, others are being created to meet the needs of students across disciplines. Check out our offerings for Spring quarter below. This page will be continually updated and will provide the most up-to-date information on Earth course offerings.

New Courses

New offerings for Spring that have been adapted to the virtual learning environment. Click on the blocks below to learn more.

Nature Journaling

Learn the basics of observation, inquiry, and engagement with your surroundings to deepen your understanding and appreciation of nature.

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Scientific Basis of Climate Change

Explore the scientific basis of anthropogenic climate change through the original papers that established the foundation for the climate change forecast.

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Human-Centered Design Methods in Data Science

Learn how to apply human-centered design methods to create better data science problems.

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Canceled Classes

Unfortunately, these courses will no longer be offered this Spring. Check for these courses next year.
  • EARTH 5 – Geokids: Earth Sciences Education
  • EARTH 200B – Your Personal Development
  • EARTH 251 – Negotiation
  • EARTHSYS 9 - Public Service Internship Preparation
  • EARTHSYS 22 – Intro to Landscape Architecture: Urban Ecology and Environmental Design
  • EARTHSYS 180/ESS 280 – Principles and Practices of Sustainable Agriculture
  • EARTHSYS 193/Earth 193 – Natural Perspectives: Geology, Environment, and Art
  • EARTHSYS 207 - Spanish in Science
  • EARTHSYS 250 - Directed Research
  • EARTHSYS 297 - Directed Individual Study in Earth Systems
  • ESS 143/ESS 243/EARTHSYS 143 – Molecular Geomicrobiology Laboratory
  • ESS 210 – Techniques in Environmental Microbiology
  • ESS 264 - Poverty, Infrastructure and Climate 
  • SUST 230/ENVRES 380 – Innovating Large Scale Sustainable Transformations/Collaborating for the Future
  • ENERGY 101A – Energizing California
  • ENERGY 351 – ERE Master's Graduate Seminar
  • ENERGY 352 - ERE PhD Graduate Seminar
  • GEOLSCI 5/Earth 15 – Living on the Edge
  • GEOLSCI 110/294 – Our Dynamic West
  • GEOLSCI 112 – Geomorphology
  • GEOLSCI 180/280 – Igneous Processes
  • GEOLSCI 204 – Intro to Petrology
  • GEOLSCI 206 – Topics in Organismal Paleobiology
  • GEOLSCI 247 – Architecture of Turbidite Depositional Systems
  • GEOLSCI 259 – Stratigraphic Architecture
  • GEOLSCI 293B – Geology of Spain Field Trip
  • GEOPHYS 128/228 – Modeling Earth 
  • GEOPHYS 165 - Ice Penetrating Radar (only available as grad class - GEOPHYS 230)
  • GEOPHYS 190/275 – Near-Surface Geophysics - Imaging Groundwater Systems
  • GEOPHYS 227 – Global Seismology

Meet our undergraduate peer advisors

Want to learn more about opportunities with Stanford Earth? Speak with a peer advisor!

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