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Spring Quarter Courses

Our virtual courses for Spring quarter

Check out our offerings for Spring quarter below. This page will be continually updated and will provide the most up-to-date information on Earth course offerings.

New Courses

New offerings for Spring that have been adapted to the virtual learning environment. Click on the blocks below to learn more.

Virtual California

Discover the geography, geology, ecology, and natural history of California

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Planetary Surface Processes

Explore the physical and chemical processes that shape the surfaces of planets, moons, and other bodies

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Introduction to Planetary Science

Explore the processes that formed and modified planetary bodies within the Solar System and beyond

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Quantitative Methods in Paleobiology

Explore new avenues for quantifying large-scale patterns in the history of life

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Topics in International Justice, Rights, and the Environment

Engage critically and creatively with the justice, ethics, and rights implications of environmental changes

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Meet our undergraduate peer advisors

Want to learn more about opportunities with Stanford Earth? Speak with a peer advisor!

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