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Change Leadership for Sustainability Program

Be a transformative leader

We prepare leaders to radically accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society.

We offer graduate degrees for Stanford students

Executive Education

Find out how sustainability can contribute to an to the bottom line and our economy. Explore our open enrollment Strategies for Sustainability course at Stanford, as well as custom executive education offerings for working professionals.

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Online learning

Find out how sustainability can contribute to an organization’s financial well-being while helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Learn essential perspectives on sustainability, systems thinking and 21st century business strategy. Get started on our Essentials for Business online course.

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Sustainability in Practice speaker series library

Get inspired by the stories of high-impact sustainability leaders who have transformed organizations and entire sectors through their effective approaches to advancing sustainability. View their presentations in our library of Youtube videos or download as a podcast.

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What is sustainability?

A conversation with environmental scientist and Change Leadership for Sustainability Program Faculty Co-Director Pamela Matson.

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Change Leadership for Sustainability Events

Sustainability-related News

Bird-like robot perches and grasps

With feet and legs like a peregrine falcon, engineers have created a robot that can perch and carry objects like a bird. Possible applications include search and rescue, wildfire monitoring and environmental research.

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Lithium mining: Does a global good require local sacrifice in the Southwest?

Decarbonizing global transportation requires building a huge quantity of batteries so fleets can convert to electric power. This will mean more mining to supply the lightweight metal lithium. So far, most lithium has come from Australia, South America, and China, but eyes are turning to deposits in the United States. (Source: Bill Lane Center for the American West)

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How climate threatens our health

"Climate’s impact on health allows us to put our arms around a problem," says Michele Barry, director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health. "When you bring health into the equation, all of a sudden, people can focus on the impact – the very real impact – on their lives." (Source: Stanford Medicine)

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