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We aim to build a community that reflects the demographics of our society and that values empathy and well-being along with academic and professional achievement. Find here the information, programs and resources to support you and our aspiration for a community that recognizes, celebrates and embraces all worldviews. 


We educate our community about DEI issues and best practices.


We support Diversity in the Geosciences, a course that prepares students to address the participation and inclusion challenges uniquely faced in the geosciences, along with other courses in environmental justice.

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DEI library

The first step toward a diverse and inclusive community is awareness. Dig into our DEI library to find articles and books on topics from equity in the classroom to land acknowledgment, anti-Black racism, sexual harassment, environmental justice, and more.

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Best practice workshops

Learn more about our workshops for faculty, staff and students on DEI best practices including inclusive teaching, upstander training, and anti-racism sensitivity.

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We support activities and connections to build  an inclusive and equitable community.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Postdoc Fellowship program

Learn more about postdoc positions for scholars who advance diversity in the Earth, energy, and environmental sciences.

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Dean's Graduate Scholars program

Find out about our first-year tuition for underrepresented students, along with other financial support for conferences and educational needs throughout the graduate career. 

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Intersections: Identities @ Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

Our #StanfordEarthCelebrates interview series illuminates how our many identities intersect with our work in the geosciences. 

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Professional development

Learn more about our professional development programs.

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Diversity and access

Resources for individuals with disabilities.

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Concerns and grievances

If you encounter a problem,  there are avenues for you to report it or express a concern. 

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We partner with minority-serving institutions, organizations, and diverse networks to recruit and share educational and career opportunities.


Apply to our Summer Undergraduate Research in Geoscience and Engineering (SURGE) program for non-Stanford college students interested in Earth sciences and sustainability.

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Community centers & affinity groups

Engage with organizations across campus through expanded planning, events and resources. Or join an affinity group.

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Outreach beyond Stanford

We reach out to targeted institutions and conferences to support diversity in student, faculty and staff recruitment.

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We hold ourselves accountable across departments, programs, and administrative units.

Our goals

We have big goals. Read our complete strategic plan. 


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Our demographics

Track our changing community on the Stanford IDEAL dashboard by using the pull down menu for Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

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Our Milestones

Learn more about how we measure progress through our activities and processes.

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DEI Upcoming Events

Careers in Geoscience

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion News

Paula Welander receives Stanford Earth Excellence in DEI Award

The award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond their role to create a more inclusive, just, and welcoming community at the Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.

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Thinking beyond the academic degree

A new certificate program provides a framework for Stanford Earth graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to learn new skills, gain practical experience, and produce portfolio pieces that will broaden their professional preparedness. The program will be carried into the new school focused on climate and sustainability.

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Molecular fossil hunter

Geomicrobiologist Paula Welander has come to see microbes as a system for grappling with complex questions about life, evolution and ancient Earth.

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Q&A: Why discuss disability in the geosciences?

As part of an effort to celebrate and discuss identity, four Stanford Earth community members talk about how disability, neurodivergence, and chronic illness have informed and impacted their careers.

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