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Simona Onori named Distinguished Lecturer, editor in chief of EV journal

The assistant professor of energy resources engineering has been named a 2020-22 Distinguished Lecturer through the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) and editor in chief of the newly titled SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles.

BY Danielle Torrent Tucker
ClockJuly 14, 2020

Simona Onori, an assistant professor of energy resources engineering at Stanford Earth, has been honored for the strengths of both her leadership and scientific research.

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Simona Onori

Based on worldwide peer nominations and a committee review of the quality, timeliness, and relevance of her research, Onori has been designated a Distinguished Lecturer through the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Vehicular Technology Society (VTS).

“It’s an honor to be part of this two-year term experience with a spectacular cohort of professionals,” said Onori, who also holds a courtesy appointment in electrical engineering at Stanford. “I feel fortunate to be able to share the research conducted at the Stanford Energy Control Lab with the members of the VTS.”

The program provides VTS local chapters throughout the world with presentations by experts on topics of interest and importance to its membership community. Onori said the recognition was special to her because the solicitations are from around the world.

In addition to the impact she will have as a Distinguished Lecturer, Onori will help shape the newly named SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles as its editor in chief. The shift from the journal’s previous name, SAE International Journal of Alternative Powertrains, is indicative of the sea change that electrified technologies have recently undergone.

“When the electrification revolution started, we were using ‘alternative powertrains’ to refer to propulsion systems that were not based exclusively on the internal combustion engine,” Onori said in a press release from SAE International. “The electrification of the transportation sector has been one of the largest upheavals in the mainstream global automotive industry over the last decade.” 

Onori’s lab aims to improve the efficiency and longevity of existing energy systems and optimize new systems in order to accelerate the transition to clean transportation and grid-storage systems.

SAE International is a global association committed to being the ultimate knowledge source for the engineering profession. It unites over 128,000 engineers and technical experts to drive knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries.

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