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Tapan Mukerji

Tapan Mukerji co-directs the Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting (SCERF), the Stanford Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics (SRB), and the Stanford Basin and Petroleum System Modeling (BPSM) research groups.

The focus of Tapan’s multi-disciplinary research, with students and colleagues, has been on integrating rock physics, wave propagation physics, spatial data science and machine learning, and their broad applications in reservoir characterization, stochastic geomodeling, uncertainty quantification and value of information in Earth sciences. He has extensive experience in conducting leading-edge research, teaching, and directing graduate student research. He has been an invited keynote speaker and lecturer for short courses on rock physics and geostatistics, and research consultant for the energy industry all over the world.

He was awarded the Karcher Award in 2000 by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. In 2014 Tapan (together with Gary Mavko, Jack Dvorkin and Dario Grana) was awarded the ENI award for pioneering innovations in theoretical and practical rock physics for seismic reservoir characterization. He is a co-author of "The Rock Physics Handbook", "Quantitative Seismic Interpretation", and "The Value of Information in the Earth Sciences" all published by Cambridge University Press. In 2017, Tapan's book "The Value of Information in the Earth Sciences" received the finalist publication competition award from the Decision Analysis Society of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences.
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